With her roots based back into 2008 when the house scene was exponentially growing, NOXU Music Group and her employees have seen all the changes in the world of electronic dance music. We know whats going on and what is necessary to kickstart your musical career. Our team of professionals is always keen for a challenge and will go the extra mile for every of our artists!

NOXU Music Group has a various array of record labels with each of their own sound and vision. Also, we have different concepts and ideas, as we stand for exploring creativity we are always open for new innovations and challenges.

Channels of distribution

Beatport is the leading spaces to buy and listen to electronic music. Beatport is mainly used for Dj’s to get there music easy in the audio formats right to play the music at you gig’s all over the world. Find our releases here

Listen to your favorite music on your iPhone or any other Apple device. You can choose to stream your favorite tracks or you can directly order a single or album in the iTunes store! Listen to your favourite NOXU release here.

Spotify is one of the worlds biggest streaming services, with a catalog of millions of tracks. Among which all of NOXU Recordings its releases and playlists of the NOXU Radio show.


Tidal, a rebellious streaming service founded by Jay-Z. Tidal is made with the artist in mind with higher-fidelity sound and the exclusive chance to stream a music video. Tidal stance for a more premium feeling and better sound quality.

Deezer is the best and easiest way to stream the music you like on what ever medium you are using. As with soundcloud it has over 43 million different tracks to choose from.


Get Airplay is a platform where your music is played throughout major retail stores in The Netherlands and Belgium. We are proud to say that we as NOXU Recordings are an exclusive supplier for this channel!

TikTok is the world’s leader in the short-form video marketplace and is available in over 150 territories around the world. Launched by Bytedance in 2017 TikTok and it’s Chinese sister service Douyin, have hit over 1 billion downloads.

Taiwan-based music streaming and download service, KKBOX has a library of over 40 million tracks. Covering a large area of South East Asia, this is a very exciting and large market, and we look forward to increasing the reach for all of our labels!

Netease Cloud Music is a freemium music streaming service developed and owned by NetEase, Inc. and is one of the 3 main music streaming services in China.

And many more......


NOXU Music Group and her imprints all have publishing deals with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Therefore all your rights as an artist and composer of the music are secured and we can do the monetization of your music.

As the world in the digital domain grows, NOXU Music Group also steps into the field of Soundcloud and Youtube monetization. We also can offer these services a side of releasing at NOXU Music Group. If you are interested you can contact us here.

Brand developing

As the presence of an artist in this day and age is influenced by different social media channels. We also will work on the brand recognition and start building your brand. This can differ to the things you post on your social media or the way you create your own sound. Our employees will work on both your strength and weaknesses to build the brand surrounding you. We only work on these things when an artist or as we call it an “NOXU family” member agrees to take the next big step in their career. We have several years of experience with the building brands and leading/managing artists.